Providing Outpatient Rehabilitation

in your Lancaster Home

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your procedure for new patients?

Call or email us and we will arrange a time when the initial evaluation can take place. We will need information about your doctor and your insurance to verify your benefits. Prior to the initial evaluation, we will reach out to your physician to obtain the appropriate therapy referral order.

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Do you take insurance?

We are a Medicare provider with services covered under Medicare Part B. We are in-network with Highmark and accept some out of network benefits from other Medicare Advantage Plans. Give us a call and we can help you understand how your benefits work with our services. We also accept cash payment, HSA/FSA, and can provide Superbills for those who would like to pursue reimbursement from their insurance carrier.

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I am a Medicare Beneficiary. Is this "Home Health Therapy"?

No. "Home health therapy" utilizes the Medicare Part A benefit for those who are home bound. We are an outpatient therapy company that comes to your home and bills under Medicare Part B. You must be discharged from Home Health Therapy in order to begin outpatient services.

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How often will I have therapy?

During your initial evaluation we will determine our recommendation for your treatment frequency. We will collaborate with you for scheduling preferences and ways we can best work together towards reaching your goals.

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Do you work with dementia clients?

Yes. Our team is comprised of experienced clinicians that are trained in working with those suffering from dementia. Caregiver training will be incorporated into treatment sessions with this population.

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